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An MIT fraternity prank in 1958 used the body length of former ANSI chairman Oliver Smoot to measure the distance of a local bridge in “smoots” (5’ 7”).

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A one-stop resource for online education and distance-learning resources provided by ANSI-accredited standards developers, ANSI members and other academic institutions.

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This Standards Education Database is provided by ANSI as an information resource; it does not purport to encompass all available standards or conformity assessment-related education and training programs. Comments, corrections or suggested additions to this database should be sent to training@ansi.org.

Inclusion of data in this directory is not intended to imply ANSI’s endorsement of any specific organization, website, or educational content. ANSI does not bear any responsibility or liability for the information or links provided on websites external to www.StandardsLearn.org.

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